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What is UNUS SED LEO All you should know about UNUS SED LEO

What is UNUS SED LEO? All you should know about UNUS SED LEO

Utility token of trading floors is becoming a prominent trend in the pre-coding community. These tokens not only bring benefits to holders such as reducing transaction costs, enjoying deals from the exchange, but also the price of these tokens can fluctuate over time and may become a promising investment. Today, we will learn about UNUS SED LEO – a Utility Token from Bitfinex.


UNUS SED LEO, also known as LEO Token, is a type of utility token designed to enhance the interests of the Bitfinex community. UNUS SED LEO provides utility for those who are looking for ways to maximize the performance and capabilities of the Bitfinex trading platform and the other trading platforms of the parent company, iFinex.

LEO Token is issued by UNUS SED LEO. This is a subsidiary of iFinex and this company was established for the purpose of issuing LEO Token.

What is the LEO token used for?

UNUS SED LEO is a utility token that acts as a “heart” of the entire iFinex ecosystem. UNUS SED LEO holders will benefit from iFinex’s trading platforms (like Bitfinex, ethFinex, future iFinex projects, products, and services).

Benefits provided by LEO token

Reduce Bitfinex transaction fees
• All LEO holders will receive a 15% discount on transaction fees.
• Individuals who hold more than 5000 USDT of LEO will receive an additional 10% discount on transaction fees.
• In addition, individuals who hold more than 1 million USD worth of LEO will be further reduced. Transaction fees are minimized when individuals hold LEO numbers worth more than USD 21 million.
Reduce Bitfinex loan fees
• P2P financial lenders will receive a 0.05% discount for each 10000 USDT LEO account in the account.
• Fees are reduced by a maximum of 5%.
Reduced withdrawal fee at Bitfinex
• Individuals holding LEO token can receive up to 25% off discount when sending and withdrawing money on Bitfinex.
• Holders of LEO worth more than USD 50 million will receive USD 2 million / month without additional charges.
Other iFinex platforms, products, and services
• Other platforms, products and services of iFinex will also be applied with the above preferences.
• iFinex and Bitfinex will announce future benefits and promotions for users when the UNUS SED LEO ecosystem is developed.

Should I invest in UNUS SED LEO?

At the time of writing, UNUS SED LEO is priced at $ $ 1.58 USD and has a total market capitalization of $ 1,574,833,261 USD equivalent to 125,089 BTC, and ranks 14th on Coinmarketcap.

From the perspective of us, LEO token offers many benefits for individuals who hold them. You will benefit from LEO if you are trading on Bitfinex. Currently, Bitfinex is a large and quite reputable trading platform in the pre-coding market. In addition, iFinex has many plans to build ambitious projects in the future.

Bitfinex is committed to using the money recovered from Crypto Capital as well as the 2016 hack to carry out the acquisition and burning of LEO. Similarly, iFinex also pledged to use the revenue of ethFinex to buy and burn LEO every month.

Investment decisions are based on you. My advice is for reference only. You should make investment decisions based on your own understanding, views, and beliefs.

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