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TREZOR vs. Ledger Nano S vs. KeepKey – The Battle of the Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

As the estimation of Bitcoin and completely different science types of cash goes up, therefore will the passion for programmers to hack your wallets, therefore confirmative your digital currency wallets have ne’er been more and more basic. this is often in no method, form or type another issue. Be that because it might, you’ll notice the way to forestall such potential misfortunes by utilizing an instrumentation notecase.

Bitcoin instrumentation wallets are well safer than standard programming wallets. A Hardware notecase stores the non-public keys otherwise called your Bitcoins on the contrivance itself instead of on your laptop during a document, and later on, you decrease the assault surface for a technologist to aim to require your coins.

Regardless of whether or not your laptop is undermined with a keylogger and a RAT (Remote Access Tool), your assets can stay safe if your Bitcoins are verified by one in all these instrumentation wallets.

The 3 instrumentation wallets to a lower place provide you with a straightforward methodology to confirm yourself. all of them work utilizing USB with UNIX operating system, Windows and OS X, and that they all have worked in screens.

record versus keep key versus trezor

Discharged some of the years previous, the TREZOR was the most instrumentation notecase out there for a few times. Presently, its principle rivals – the Ledger Nano S and KeepKey – are discharged and have created unbelievable challenge within the instrumentation notecase advertise. It’s protected to state that these gadgets are the ‘huge three’ instrumentation wallets presently accessible out there. all of them work on these lines and simply once connected to your laptop.

The challenge has actually brought down prices, nevertheless, it’s likewise created selecting the right instrumentation notecase a quite hard alternative. This examination for TREZOR versus KeepKey versus Record Nano S can provide you with that notecase is healthier in numerous categories.

Upheld Coins


The organization behind TREZOR, Satoshi Labs, was the primary to bring around showcase a bitcoin instrumentation notecase. They to boot created Slush Pool and CoinMap.org, and consequently, they’re noticeably trusty and regarded. The TREZOR instrumentation notecase offers the simplest outsider reconciliations, and it’s been a trusty and robust item since 2014.

The TREZOR bolsters the related  coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC),DASH, Zcash (ZEC), Bitcoin Cash/Bcash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), ERC-20 Tokens, Expanse (EXP), UBIQ (UBQ), NEM (XEM), Namecoin, Dogecoin. Here could be a full summary of Trezor bolstered coins and a full audit of TREZOR notecase.

Record Nano S

Record has been around since late 2014, and their 1st item was the Ledger Nano. these days they need a bit alternative of things with shifting price focuses. The organization is generally regarded for the safety of their things.

Exchange whereas you lay down with 2 of the digital currency bots out there – Cryptohopper or 3Commas.

The Ledger Nano S underpins the related  coins: Ark – Bitcoin – Bitcoin money (best Bitcoin money notecases) – Bitcoin Gold – Ethereum (best wallet for ethereum)/Ethereum Classic – Expanse – Dash (best wallet for DASH) – Digibyte – Dogecoin – Hcash – Komodo – Litecoin (best LTC wallets) – modern (accessible presently for the Ledger Blue – modern and GAS wallets) – Pivx (best PIVX wallets) – PoSW – Qtum – Stealthcoin – Stellar – Stratis – Ubiq – Vertcoin – Viacoin – XRP (best XRP wallets) – Zcash. Here could be a full summary of Ledger Nano S upheld coins even as an associate audit of Nano S notecase.


KeepKey has simply been around since late 2015, which means that it’s the foremost up to now digital cash instrumentation to hit the market. The organization has factory-made a pleasing bitcoin instrumentation notecase that depends on the TREZOR microcode.

The KeepKey underpins the related coins: BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH, ETC, NMC, and DOGE. Here could be a full survey of KeepKey notecase.

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To begin, the Ledger Nano S is that the least high-priced notecase of the 3 by a large margin. It prices $60 and you’ll even get a combine version which can incorporate a pair of Ledger Nano wallets one to fill in as further reinforcement. The KeepKey, recently calculable at $239, is as of currently evaluated at simply $99. To wrap things up is that the TREZOR, it’s the same price as KeepKey ($99).

Measure and style 

The TREZOR is by a large margin the smallest of the 3 wallets. The Nano S will be folded into a few similar sizes because of the TREZOR. Be that because it might, to utilize it you must change surface it. each notecase has someone in all a form contrasts.

The KeepKey has one physical catch, whereas the TREZOR and Ledger Nano S each have 2.

Here could be a diagram of the best digital cash wallets.

The KeepKey features a ton larger screen than the opposite 2 wallets. The KeepKey’s bigger screen implies that it o.k. could also be safely recuperated utilizing a figure that releases less info.

The Ledger Nano S and KeepKey are created out of atomic number 13, whereas TREZOR is created out of plastic. I notice that atomic number 13 feels like it’s additional pleasant. still, the TREZOR’s plastic will very demonstrate to be additional drop safe.

The Ledger Nano S and TREZOR are presently accessible in three hues – white, dark, and dark, whereas KeepKey is accessible in dark and anodized atomic number 13.


The TREZOR was the most instrumentation notecase that highlighted a screen for a few time. Be that because it might, a screen is such a big security highlight for associate instrumentation notecase, therefore plainly additional instrumentation wallets with a screen would be created.

The Nano S is that it accompanies a bit OLED screen that allows you to regulate your exchanges. The TREZOR likewise features a very little OLED screen that shows associate indiscriminately created 9 digit stick code and a 24-word recovery seed. KeepKey features a larger screen than the opposite 2 wallets, but that produces it somewhat substantial.


Every one of the 3 instrumentation wallets are terribly easy to arrangement and that i have had the choice to line up every of the three in mere some minutes. all of them need a miniaturized scale USB link to utilize.

Each of the 3 instrumentation wallets needs basically identical as steps to arrangement, like setting a PIN code and recording a reinforcement of your recovery seed.


At the purpose after we refer security, every one of the 3 wallets is basically identical as.

The primary distinction is that the TREZOR and KeepKey are primarily very little PCs, whereas the Ledger Nano S utilizes 2 secure components/chips.

Additionally, all of the 3 instrumentation wallets have screens. this suggests they’ll be safely arrangement and used even on PCs tainted with malware.

Programming Compatibility 

Note that you simply would like programming therefore on utilize any instrumentation notecase. the merchandise encourages you direction and interfaces with the notecase. within the table beneath, you’ll see the similarity of Bitcoin notecase programming with each instrumentation wallet. Conclusion

The Ledger Nano S is that the least high-priced notecase. At that time, there are the physical angles, to be specific the structure issue and materials, and this have to be compelled to largely rely on however you’ll utilize the contrivance and your individual inclination.

The Ledger Nano S and therefore the TREZOR is ideal for the people United Nations agency shall travel a good deal and convey the contrivance with you systematically. You have to be compelled to come with the TREZOR on the off probability that you simply are an associate torrid defender of ASCII text file improvement. Then again, on the off probability that you simply would like a troublesome contrivance, you have to be compelled to come with Nano S.

The KeepKey is good for the people United Nations agency is finding out a much bigger screen and a sleek structure that won’t wander an extended method from their workspace.

For fledglings, I might order either the KeepKey or the TREZOR. I believed that it absolutely was additional laborious to refresh the microcode within the Nano S. to boot, compressing the 2 fastens at the identical time will be ungainly currently and once more.

All things thought-about, I don’t conceive to dump my Ledger Nano at any purpose within the close to future since I believe its defensive metal unfold, USB-stick-emulating nicety, and conservative structure are tough to beat.

I recommend utilizing any of those instrumentation notecases over keeping your Bitcoins during a tutelary wallet or trade. All things thought-about, these 3 instrumentation wallets all work commendable at what they’re expected for – taking care of your non-public scratches and sanctioning you to be fully management of your assets systematically.

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